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May 22, 2014

On behalf of everyone at Resolute, we would like to thank Greenpeace for the gift of the Guardian Tree. We appreciate what the Tree symbolizes: respect and appreciation for Canada’s forests, which we share with all those who participated in its creation.

We are glad that many people across Canada care about the boreal forest.  I do too – in fact, I grew up there. I have been working in the forest for decades, as did my father and many other members of my family. I believe that no one cares more for the boreal than those who know it best – people who live and work there and whose very way of life is intertwined with the health of the forest. It’s in our best interest to make sure we operate responsibly. Our company wouldn’t survive if we didn’t, and neither would the communities that depend on healthy working forests for their livelihoods.

We are proud of our record of sustainable forest management: 100% of the woodlands we manage are independently certified to one or more of three internationally-recognized standards. We actively participate in the identification of protected areas, the development of wildlife conservation plans, and the process of forest regeneration. In 2012 alone, Resolute planted more than 60 million trees in Ontario and Quebec and we recently celebrated the planting of our billionth tree in Ontario.

We’re also always striving to do more: reducing our carbon footprint, publishing a GRI-compliant sustainability report, and building strong relationships with boreal communities. Given our mutual interest in ensuring sustainability in the boreal, you may appreciate learning that:

• Canada has a great track record when it comes to sustainable forest management. In fact, a Yale University study showed that Canada’s forestry laws and regulations are among the most stringent in the world.

• Every year, only about 0.2 percent of the boreal forest is affected by harvesting. In comparison, about 5 times that area is disturbed every year by insects, forest fires or disease.

• More than 40% of the boreal in Ontario and Quebec is off limits to the forest products industry. And, more than 30% of the remaining areas have been set aside for conservation.

We welcome the opportunity to answer questions about our sustainability practices. Please send your questions to eco.info@resolutefp.com and we will answer them as promptly as we can.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed to the Guardian Tree.

Richard Garneau
President and Chief Executive Officer
Resolute Forest Products


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